October 2, 2018


21 tips to ensure maximum buyer appeal!

A comprehensive list of buyer concerns every seller needs to consider before selling.

  1. Curb Appeal: Bring it to the best appearance.
  2. Driveway: Fix needed repairs, wash it or clean it.
  3. Roof: How is the condition?
  4. Mailbox: Is it crooked? Faded? Damaged in any way?
  5. Front Door: Must be in tip-top shape.
  6. Windows: Are they clean and crack free?
  7. Exterior Paint: How is the condition?
  8. Garage Door: How is the condition?
  9. Front, Side & Back Yards: Clean and uncluttered?
  10. Your Cars: Remove from driveway before showing.
  11. Front Entry: Clean and free of clutter?
  12. Closets and Rooms: Are they neat, organized & uncluttered?
  13. Carpet: Must be clean.
  14. Door to Garage: Have door unlocked and garage clean.
  15. Interior Paint: Must be in the best shape possible.
  16. Light Bulbs: Make sure all work.
  17. Furnace & Air Conditioner: Clean and working good.
  18. Home Clutter: Eliminate it.
  19. Kitchen: Clean and bright at all times.
  20. Baths & Bedrooms & Pool: Clean & bright at all times.
  21. Home Smell: Must be fresh. Use air freshener.

Keep in mind the list above are suggestions on how to maximize the value of your home.

A list of priority items that buyers use to evaluate the value of your home and determine how much to offer.

The more of these items that are new, updated and in good working condition will help increase the value.

Items that aren’t or cannot be updated or improved will affect the value negatively.

If you are looking to receive the top end of market values in your neighborhood you need to make sure the above items are in the best shape possible.

Buyer’s usually associate needed repair and maintenance items at a $3 to $1 ratio.  If a perceived repair actually cost $100 a buyer will see it as a $300 repair.

Typically it is far cheaper for the seller to make the repair themselves than deduct the cost from the negotiated sales price.

Good luck selling!


About the author 


JohnG has been a licensed Real Estate professional for over 20 years in three separate states. He has a master's degree in business and has to many personal real estate transactions to count. With this much experience it's safe to say JohnG knows a thing or two about how to sell a home. He is dedicated to helping homeowners discover the truth about the real estate industry and the COMMISSION LIE, many agents and brokers perpetrate in order to earn an income at your expense.  He says "if your paying a commission to sell your house your paying way to much!"

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