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Hey Welcome to my online presence and all things JohnG.  This blogsite serves as a hub of sorts for all my ideas, passions, business ventures communications and everything in between. Take a look around, chances are if you are reading this you are someone who already knows me or perhaps you are a new friend? Any way you happened to stumble on to this page, It is my wish that you can somehow find value with the material contained on the pages and posts of this publication.

Within this site, you will most likely discover information about the many topics of interest and business ventures that I pursue or am interested in.  You will find that most of my topics of interest intersect with my business ventures and other personal interests. Somehow they all seem to intersect.  In other words, subjects that I am interested outside of my work are typically topics that can benefit me somehow with my work.

What I mean as an example, I am interested in real estate as a broad topic, subjects as diverse as building spec homes, buying land, rehabbing houses, investment, financing and the many other topics that are real estate related. This deep interest led me to invest in real estate and eventually become a broker helping others buy and sell residential real estate.  which is now a business venture and an interest I am passionate about on many levels.

Other topics of interest of mine that you may run across in this publication are my interest in everything guitar, I am a practicing guitarist and enjoy the process of learning how to play the instrument.  I don’t play because I am good, I play because I love the Journey of discovery that the guitar has given me. I hope to pass on to any other guitar fanatics both new and old any guidance, knowledge or resources that I may have or learn of within the pages of this blog.

Thanks for stopping by, reading, watching and participating.

One last thing, if you explore this site and find something interesting please don’t hesitate to comment, message me or share.

Ok, one more last thing and I will let you go. I promise. From time to time I may mention a product or service that I have used and/or paid for in the past and have since developed an affiliate relationship with a product, person or service and may receive a gratuity, commission or perk in return for the mention or share.

Thanks for reading!