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Hey, thanks for stopping by and checking out my Real Estate Website. I am dedicated to helping homeowners save $1000’s when they list and sell their Tucson homes, by exposing myths and downright lies that the real estate industry and real estate investors perpetrate on homeowners to line their pockets at the expense of your equity.

Have you ever purchased an item, only to discover that you paid way too much and could have gotten it cheaper somewhere else? How did that make you feel? This happens a lot when online shopping.  Were you embarrassed or sad or even mad at yourself for not doing a little more research and investigation to find a less expensive resource?

JohnG Flat Fee Realtor Tucson.

I know for me when that happens, I feel frustrated and sometimes even duped because of the amount of savings I lost by not shopping around or researching alternatives a little more.

When it comes to selling real estate typically sellers are usually only presented with three alternatives, selling to an investor, or selling with a real estate agent, or selling for sale by owner.

Each alternative appeals to different personality types for different reasons, for example selling to an investor usually will cost you a fair share of your equity. In some cases, it can be as much as 60% if you happen to be desperate and meet a slick-talking investor that knows how to pray on desperate home sellers.

The more traditional route of selling a home for most homeowners is to list the home with a real estate agent/broker and we all know that usually entails a costly commission. Again, this expense can steal a significant amount of equity from your bottom line.  Sure, it may not represent 60% because you are not a desperate seller, but it still can be a large portion of your hard-earned equity. Commissions are EXPENSIVE!!!

I have even seen where the commission was the difference between selling the home on a short sale or selling equitably. Meaning that the selling agent’s commission was the difference of paying the house off with no remaining balance or having to sell it short leaving money still owed to the bank which has serious long term negative effects on the seller’s credit and overall financial situation.

Listen, I get it,  commission-based agents aren’t going to go away any time soon because the National Association of Realtors and the industry as a whole do a good job of perpetrating widely believed propaganda that supports the commission-based compensation model in residential real estate sales.

It’s obvious to see why they fight so hard to protect their commission, the broker’s get paid off of each agent’s transactions and many agents have built large teams of buyer’s agents and support staff that earn their salaries and pay from commissions earned. It’s easy to see why the head agent of a large team supports the commission-based compensation model.  THEY NEED YOUR MONEY TO PAY EVERYONE.

The truth is the commission-based compensation model in real estate is creating a conflict of interest between buyer’s, seller’s, agents and broker’s because anytime someone’s pay is tied to the outcome of a transaction, they are going to cast their own personal bias and interest into the transaction.

That is also why a slick-talking real estate investor can convince a desperate seller to sell for less than market value. Because if you do not believe that a chance at 60% of your equity won’t make someone do shady things and let their own personal bias get the better of you, you better think again.

For some sellers, these two options are appealing and they are willing to give up a large portion of their equity to just get out from whatever burden that home is creating in their life. If that is the case then selling to an investor may be the best alternative, but it is an expensive alternative.

I have even run into a few cases where the people were so negligent in the upkeep of their home, they were too embarrassed to show it to potential buyers who would have paid considerably more if they had put the home on the market and were just willing to unload. For these home sellers, the investor sale was appropriate.

If you are looking for a more professional, less personal, and possibly more cumbersome experience then try working with a real estate team that has a different representative for each step of the transaction. Talk about a challenging experience. Imagine having to work with several different people along the way of selling your home a process that has several distinct steps that make up a successful sale.

The agents with large teams think they are providing “a great customer experience” however they are also overcharging you for that experience in the form of an inflated commission. Remember they have to cover their overhead with the commission you pay to sell.

Why would you pay a premium for all that hassle when you could get equal if not better service at a lower cost?

Here I will help you, just get online and google “discount realtor in Tucson” or “Flat Fee Realtor Tucson” or “Flat Fee Broker Tucson” that should provide you a few options to help you avoid paying a commission when you sell. There are a couple of legitimate choices for discounted real estate services in Tucson. But beware not all of the results that pop up in your search are going to be legitimate discount service providers. You can read my article here that outlines some of the pitfalls to google search results and discount real estate brokers.

If you want to cut through all of the BS and discover a solution that is right for you and your unique situation, you need a trusted advisor someone who will show you every aspect of the home selling process and shine a light and provide clarity on the many alternatives you have as a selling homeowner to sell your home.  Without the bias of commission or equity participation.

When you contact JohnG Freelance Real Estate Broker and Consultant you will learn quickly I am different than most in the real estate industry.  I am not driven by commissions or equity participation, I prefer to provide what I believe to be essential information to selling homeowners that will lead them to make an informed decision on what is right for them when it comes to selling their home.

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Flat Fee Realtor Tucson

I provide a no-obligation no-hassle upfront consultation, I will go over with you all the options you have as a home seller to help you decide if giving up equity for a quick sale is right for you,  or working with a licensed agent makes sense for you.

You will gain perspective on the sale process and the various costs associated with selling a home, I will provide insight to you that will show you the many expenses that are unnecessary to pay when you sell and how you can avoid these expensive traps.

After our consultation, you will have any and all information you need in order to make an informed decision on how to sell your home and how to maximize value.

If after our consultation you decide to work with me as your listing broker you can count on eliminating any commission bias or loss of equity because I charge a flat fee for my listing service and will provide you with all the exposure to qualified buyers you need to get your home sold.

If after our meeting you decide for whatever reason you are not interested in working with me we will part on friendly terms and you will be equipped with all of the information you need to protect yourself from losing money unnecessarily and will be empowered to make informed decisions regarding the sale of your home.

Any way you slice it you don’t have anything to lose by contacting me, because I provide a free home sale consultation.  In our consultation, I will outline the value of your home to the various buyers available to you and will help you decide what option is right for you, even if that means selling your home for sale by owner.

So, what are you waiting for email or text me today so I can help answer any real estate questions you may have and get you on your way to a pleasingly successful real estate sale.