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What is a Flat Fee Full Service Real Estate Agent?

A flat fee full-service real estate agent lists your home for sale charging you a flat fee commission while offering a bundle of services like traditional commission percentage based real estate agents.

The flat fee model is becoming popular as technology has started disrupting the real estate industry by giving sellers more choices when selling their home.

To compete with this disruption, Tucson real estate agents are becoming more competitive by offering discounted commission fees or flat fees and better service.

Tucson flat fee agents can offer commission savings that benefit the seller’s bottom line.

The savings can be substantial, as much as 95% versus traditional real estate agents.

Essentially putting more money back into the pocket of the homeowner.

Unfortunately, the consumer the group who can benefit the most, largely go unaware that these programs exist or are even available to them.

Typically, the smaller or boutique brokers who offer these types of service don’t have quite the same marketing budget as the larger regional or national brokers have.

Therefore, the flat fee services they offer come from referrals and word of mouth, more of what you would think of as private sources of business. Which makes it more of an industry secret than traditional real estate service.

Unlike the larger local or even national real estate sites in comparison, who have more marketing dollars to spend and can take their traditional business practices public through local and national advertising campaigns.

As a result, the larger local and national real estate outlets have a much larger base of awareness for their traditional, outdated, overvalued real estate services.

Because of this lack of public awareness and lack of professional promotion, most real estate consumers assume that to sell their home they will have to pay a commission totally unaware other options exist.

Back when these flat fee commission models started the largest complaint was that they were also limited service.

The old cliché you get what you pay for was never truer.

Currently, however, customers are demanding more services and as such, agents in the flat fee market are responding with a full suite of services much like traditional agents offer.

Homeowners who engage a flat fee full service listing agent can, in many cases, expect to receive the same bundle of services they would get when working with a percentage-based commission real estate agent.

Services like…

#1: Home Valuation Assistance.

#2: Home Marketing Analysis (Curb Appeal and Staging Tips).

#3: Vendor Recommendations and Coordination.

#4: Tax Record and Deed Analysis.

#5: MLS Entry.

#6: National and International Syndication (Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia and thousands of others).

#7: Marketing Suite (Sign, Social media, Flyers, Lockbox, Photos, Open House, Coming Soon, Radius Mailings, Newspaper Announcements, etc.)

#8: Showing Scheduling.

#9: Offer Management, Project Management, Transaction Coordination.

#10: Offer Negotiations and Closing Assistance.

If you’re considering listing your home with a Tucson flat fee full-service agent, I can help. I provide a full suite of services, just like described above.

When you hire me to work with you to get your home sold, you will receive all the services you would receive paying five, six or seven percent with a traditional broker.

Imagine, paying less than $1000 dollars to list and sell your home saving 1000’s of dollars.

That is $1000’s of dollars added to your bottom line when you sell.

Money you can use for your personal use to help offset other costs associated with selling your home.

The money saved in commissions can help you price your home much more competitively to the market which will help attract premium buyer’s ready to purchase your home.

The money you will save with my Flat Fee listing service can be used for whatever you prefer, and leveraged to your benefit when you sell your home.

Before you go a word of caution, not all flat fee real estate agents are created equal.

In fact, many still subscribe to a limited service methodology.

Some of these flat fee limited service agents will simply list your home in the MLS and won’t provide any assistance with essentials like; pricing, marketing, inspections, showings, etc.

Before you sign up with a flat fee agent, it’s imperative to your success that you ask very specifically what “full service” means and what you can expect to receive. From whomever you hire to help you sell your home.

I’m often asked how it is I can do all this for a flat fee. The answer is not a secret and very simple, technology.

I’ve embraced the same technology that’s disrupting the real estate market and use it to streamline my processes so that I can slash my prices by working more efficiently with my customers while being able to provide excellent service.

In short, I’m bringing efficiency discounts to the real estate services I provide allowing me to be much more productive due to this technology disruption, as a result creating an opportunity for me to pass on the savings to homeowners selling their house paying a flat fee eliminating the need for a commission to enter or affect the terms of the sale.

You will realize quickly that I am different than most traditional percentage based real estate agents in the fact that I can save my seller’s tens of thousands of dollars in real estate commission fees while providing at least the same and, in many cases better service.

I’m different than other flat fee full-service agents because I offer a full suite of bundled services. I don’t nickel and dime with a la carte options, with me, it’s all included.

At the end of the day, saving tens of thousands of dollars on real estate commissions is great however, unless it’s coming with a full-service agent dedicated to your success and happiness, it’s likely going to cost you much more than just dollars and cents.

That’s exactly why I offer the full suite of services as described above.

I want to make sure your experience is a A+, 5-Star, world class experience while saving you tens of thousands of dollars.