June 9, 2019


A state license is required to sell real estate. But roughly half of those licensed take the additional step of becoming a REALTOR®.

As we show you in this video, only members of the National Association of Realtors – NAR – are entitled to use that registered trademark and call themselves a REALTOR®.

As members, they adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and have access to classes, seminars and certification. Their aim is to be experts in their community aware of real estate trends and local and neighborhood issues. They apply that expertise to help buyers and sellers succeed.

You can find a certified REALTOR® by looking in local sources asking around or searching here.

As an independent Real Estate Broker in Arizona, I chose to be a member of the National Association of Realtors and I subscribe to the idea of having ethical standards to not only live up to but to live by. NAR has a very well defined Code of Ethics and I take that code to heart.

Having 20 years of experience, several personal real estate transactions not to mention the 1000’s of client transactions I have worked on most of which involved another real estate professional I can say not all professionals are the same some not so good.  Based on this experience I think it’s safe to say I might know a thing or two about the real estate industry and the professionals who work in it.

For most a real estate transaction represents the biggest financial endeavor they will encounter and because of this, it is important to work with a competent agent who knows what they are doing, but more importantly, you should work with someone you are comfortable with and who brings value to the table.

I recommend you interview 3 agents before making your decision on who you hire to represent you in the sale of your Tucson home. That way you can be sure you are working with someone you are comfortable with.

Watch the video below to get some good ideas of why working with a Realtor is a good idea.

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JohnG has been a licensed Real Estate professional for over 20 years in three separate states. He has a master's degree in business and has to many personal real estate transactions to count. With this much experience it's safe to say JohnG knows a thing or two about how to sell a home. He is dedicated to helping homeowners discover the truth about the real estate industry and the COMMISSION LIE, many agents and brokers perpetrate in order to earn an income at your expense.  He says "if your paying a commission to sell your house your paying way to much!"

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